Collection: Carbon Blanks

Trout Smith blanks are the backbone of TS Rods and we're happy to offer them to the rod building community.

Over the course of Trout Smiths' history, up to now, these tapers have been developed by renowned rod designers such as Shane Gray, Mike McFarland, and Dusty Smith. Some of these blanks were designed years ago when Trout Smiths was owned by Shane, such as the Heritage Carbon LL series; these blanks are the exact same tapers and materials offered by Shane. Heritage Carbon LL blanks are a delightful way to spend a day dropping dries and small nymphs over trout of any size.

New additions to our carbon line-up have been crafted in collaboration with Dusty Smith of Livingston Rod Co. These new blanks are rolled from IM ("Intermediate modulus") Carbon and include the new four-piece Broadwater Series, featuring the 8'6 4wt "Gateway" and the 9'0 5wt "Beartrap."