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Trout Smiths

Trout Smiths Broadwater Series Carbon IM Fly Rods

Trout Smiths Broadwater Series Carbon IM Fly Rods

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The Trout Smiths' Broadwater Series of rods feature IM graphite and are a back-to-the-future opportunity for fishers who long to "pull over" and remember why they loved fly-fishing in the beginning. IM graphite might represent the pinnacle of carbon's fusion of light weight and fun. Like our Heritage Carbon LL blanks, these are unsanded and unpainted and unequaled in precision.

The Broadwater series is for those whose adventures tend to lead them where a little more distance or power is often needed; these rods offer either without sacrificing connection.

The 8'6 4wt four-piece "Gateway" is named for a nearly mythical pond in Gallatin county brimming with large trout of nearly every Montana species. The Gateway is precision with feel; its taper won't empty a fly reel of line, but it will drop a fly on a dime from any "fishable" distance. If you believe fishing is about fish and not casting competitions, the TS Gallatin is for you.

The 9' 5wt Bear Trap is precision with punch. Just because we won't sell pole vaults masquerading as fly rods doesn't mean we don't know there is a time and place for "umph." When we think of wind like a freight train curling around canyon walls, we think of the Bear Trap on the Madison. With a faster taper and sturdier back end, the Bear Trap has all the authority necessary to slice through any zephyr standing between you and fish.

Rods are appointed with premium quality Struble components, including reel seat and agate guide, pine needle green silk wraps on the Beartrap and Bronze Green silk wraps on the Gateway...Both come with flannel rod bag sewn by Susan (rod tube optional).

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