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Trout Smiths Brookie LT Series Fly Rods [Available Soon]

Trout Smiths Brookie LT Series Fly Rods [Available Soon]

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Trout Smiths Brookie LT rods are where Trout Smiths' foundational mission of happy fishing originated. E-Glass with medium-fast tapers create rods with relaxed precision, protected tippets, and more fun than necessary.

The Brookie LT hearkens back to a time when fly fishing was fun and not a fashion show and when the objective was to catch fish rather than launch satellites. If you're looking for nano-resins, "Death Stars," and gravity-defying weightlessness, you'll hate this rod. But, if you're one of the ever growing numbers of fishers looking once again to connect with the heritage of the sport and actually feel fish on the end of a line, look no further.

Brookie LT rods are all 8'0, three-piece and come in line weights 1-3 (line up for shorter casting). Rods are appointed with premium quality Struble components, including reel seat and agate guide, translucent amber wraps and flannel rod bag sewn by Susan (rod tube optional).

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